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Chiropractic spine adjustments - are there any risks

Chiropractic spine adjustment is one of the most common treatments used by chiropractors. During this treatment, chiropractors use their hands or some kind of small instruments to apply force to the patient’s spinal joint. It can help improve the motion of the spine, promote better alignment, and boost the physical function of the body as well.

Although chiropractic adjustments can effectively address various pain-related health issues, some people are afraid of this treatment option. This is because random negative stories are circulating on the internet about the safety of these spine adjustments. Today, we will talk about whether adjustments are safe and we will also go through the potential risks. This way, you will be informed from a trusted source.

Should You Be Worried?

Ultimately, chiropractic adjustment is a safe and natural treatment method. By applying controlled and sudden force to the spinal joints, numerous pain issues can be treated effectively. For example, chiropractic adjustments can help address headaches, low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain as well. A thorough study conducted by Mayo Clinic showed the same results: adjustments applied to the spine are considered safe for pain related issues.

One of the most important factors that play a role in the safety of chiropractic adjustments is the person who uses this treatment method. This is why you should always choose a well-trained, trusted health care provider to help you restore your health. Chiropractors who are certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) are the absolute best when it comes to treating common health issues with holistic, non-surgical treatment options. They can address most issues related to pain, injury, spine misalignment, poor movement patterns, incorrect posture, and more with science based protocols.

The Side Effects of Spine Adjustments

Since all industries have their own horror stories, it’s not surprising that chiropractic care has them as well. But just because a few stories of extreme cases went viral, it doesn’t mean that spine adjustments (and in general, chiropractic treatments) are dangerous. In fact, as you could see above, it’s quite the opposite! Chiropractic care offers a much safer solution for patients than drugs or surgery.

The bad stories that you can find on the internet about patients having spine damage or severe pain because of chiropractic adjustments are most often the consequences of a pre-existing condition. This is because serious complications can be associated with the adjustments if a patient has certain health conditions (for example, bone abnormality or a higher risk of stroke). However, if you have a chiropractor you trust, you can feel reassured that they will verify whether spine adjustments can be safely used in your case.

Although serious side effects are highly infrequent, mild symptoms can appear during the initiation of the treatment. These symptoms may include soreness, aching, nausea, fatigue, or dizziness. Usually, they last only a few hours (or days maximum) after the treatment.

The Bottom Line

Just like any other treatment, chiropractic spine adjustments also have some risks. However, by choosing a trustworthy provider and having an initial assessment properly conducted, the chances of something going wrong during the treatment are very low. Yet, if you still have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your chiropractor further questions about this treatment.

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