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Neck Pain - Getting rid of the ‘ghost’ on your back

Neck pain is a common problem in today’s age when our lifestyle is primarily sedentary.

It can be a serious problem sometimes. The cluster of muscles on the back of your neck can sting you hard like a ‘ghost’ sitting on your back (or head). Neck pain can often be resolved with proper posture and specific neck exercises, but it spells trouble when it interferes with your daily life, where you have a hard time with even the slightest movement of your neck.

Today, let’s discuss some of the prominent causes and ways to reduce neck pain:

Causes of Neck Pain

Some causes of neck pain are related to incorrect posture, some associated with a sudden jerk to a neck’s muscle. It can also happen when we put intense pressure on the neck muscles while lifting a heavy object or wrongly exercising even by continuously being passive. Finally, it can involve a severe problem such as when the spine starts degenerating. This might include more serious issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

Experiencing neck pain can be a cause of worry when the pain suddenly hits you, or it causes problems in other parts of your body like your arms or your mid to lower back. When this happens, it’s your body telling you to seek medical help. Other signs of severe neck issues include sudden loss of strength, weakness in the arms, numbness, and tingling sensations. When this happens, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Effectively Treating Neck Pain

All these issues mentioned above are most often an expression of a significant underlying problem: spine misalignment. This issue can be hard to detect in normal circumstances by ordinary people. When dealing with neck pain caused by spine misalignment, it is better to consult a spine specialist. One of the top remedies for dealing with neck pain is chiropractic biophysics (CBP). With CBP care, the issues of the spine are addressed and solved with a definitive research based protocol.

Ultimately, poor spine alignment affects nerve energy. This can easily manifest as many of the neck pain symptoms and dysfunction you are experiencing. When optimal spine alignment is the primary goal, you can expect neck pain relief that lasts. Addressing this root cause will help minimize future suffering and help you feel your absolute best.

Find A CBP Provider In Your Area

A CBP practitioner is one of the best ways to tackle neck pain effectively. They examine the shape and function of the spine and then work towards scientifically correcting the problem with appropriate treatment. This might include adjustments, massage therapy, exercise prescription, posture training, extensive education, and pain modalities. You will work closely with your CBP provider to determine a protocol that fits your needs and give you the best overall results.

Dr. Tyler Meier at Core Posture Chiropractic in Newport Beach, CA is one of the only CBP practitioners in his area. He is ready to help you with all your neck pain concerns. Call his office to schedule a consultation to determine what course of action is best for you. The best part is that with proper treatment you will notice a boost in your overall quality of life as well, since good spine alignment is key for a life of health and vitality!

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Dr. Tyler Meier is a board-certified, licensed chiropractor and founder of CorePosture Chiropractic in Newport Beach, CA

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