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Newport Beach Chiropractor Shares Health and Vitality Secret

back pain specialistDr. Tyler Meier, respected doctor chiropractic Newport Beach is among roughly 60,000 chiropractors in the United States who believe that spinal health is one of the most important factors in maintaining health and vitality.

“Hundreds of years ago, Hippocrates said ‘look well to the spine for the cause of disease'” said Dr Tyler Meier. And because of those types of statements throughout history, Dr. DD Palmer and BJ Palmer (founders of the chiropractic profession 120 years ago) carried out thousands of experiments and studies, documenting the connection between the nervous system health, spinal health, and the overall health and well-being of patients.

The results were astounding. Chiropractic care addressing spinal health and nervous system function dramatically improve patient lives, by not only eliminating the source of pain and discomfort, but more importantly allowing the body to heal itself and grow stronger.

Improving Posture, Improves Health

“Not all chiropractors are created equally” says Dr. Tyler Meier, a certified Chiropractic BioPhysics chiropractor and founder of CorePosture Chiropractic in Newport Beach.

“The structure of the spine dictates how well you feel, how strong your body is against sustaining injury, and how your overall health is impacted.”

Every function of the human body is dictated by the brain, in which nerve energy travels from the brain, into the spinal cord, and out into the delicate nerves that reach into the limbs and organs.

If nerve energy is interfered with somewhere along this path, the recipient organ or limb can go into a state of dysfunction and disease. These interferences are often the result of subtle misalignments in the spine, where one or more vertebrae move out of place, and start exerting pressure on the delicate nerves carrying nerve energy into the body.

“Most nerve interference show no sign or symptom” says Dr. Meier. “One day you’ll wake up noticing sluggishness… a few months later, it’s fatigue… a few more months later it’s acid reflux and so on.”

That’s why it is imperative for you and your family to have a chiropractor specializing in corrective care on your side. “We look at the spine as a whole, and through physics determine how your posture is affecting your health… then we will create a custom made care plan to not only rehabilitate your spine back to health, but also ensure your health issues are addressed.

If you or a loved one in Orange County is experiencing not just back pain or neck pain, but migraines, headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, asthma, high blood pressure, or even infertility, a corrective care chiropractor like Dr. Tyler Meier can help you address those issues at their source.

Tyler Meier Chiropractor

Dr. Tyler Meier is a board-certified, licensed chiropractor and founder of CorePosture Chiropractic in Newport Beach, CA

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